Food Retail Industry

Bring the best of e-commerceright into the aisle


Frictionless User Onboarding

Customers activate the App Clip just by pointing their phone camera at the shelf.


Complete Product Details

App Clip provides all the information about the product: ingredients, specifics, nutritions, sustainability, customers reviews.


Personalised Product Selection

By setting their preferences, customers can quickly find the most suitable product.

Dynamic Coupons

Display coupons in the customer's digital wallet.Send personalized notifications later.

Dynamic Coupons

Display coupons in the customer's digital wallet. Send personalized notifications later.

Getting started with Graffiti is easy


Provide data access

Graffiti SaaS collects product data from your PIM through the API.


Specify content

Select digital content to display in the Instant App.


Start the experience

When customer scans the QR Code, the experience starts immediately.

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