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In-store Customer Experience.Re-imagined.

Graffiti helps brands to increase sales, grow their category share, build loyalty and measure performance.

Create a richer experience for your customers

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Category shares

Product comparison & filtering

Help customers find the product they are looking for, as well as offering similar alternatives

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In-store advice

Virtual sales

A counsellor on demand, speaking all languages, available 24/7.

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Personalized Coupons & Deals

Inform customers of special offers in-house and notify them of deals and special offers

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Product availability

Your customers can check at a glance the availability of your products, pay at the aisle & pickup or fallback to online order.

Real-time data and insights into the point of purchase puts you ahead of the competition

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SKU-level transaction data


Get insights about customers behaviour when facing your products: what information did they look for? What competitor’s products were they compared to?Consumers' actions generate analytics that provide brands with a deeper understanding of their customers when they are at the point of purchase and actively looking to buy.

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